Keep Fluffy and Fido From Causing Stains

Get pet treatments for your carpet in the Wake Village, Texarkana, TX & Texarkana, AR areas

A new kitten or puppy brings a lot of joy to your home, but they also make a big mess. If you want to protect your carpets from pet-related stains and odors, turn to Perfection Steamers. Our company in Wake Village, Texarkana, TX & Texarkana, AR offers pet treatments for carpets, including carpet staining prevention treatments.

We can rid your carpets of:

  • Stains
  • Odors
  • Dander
  • Hair

Once we're done, you can enjoy your pet's company without worrying about the odors or stains they leave behind. Call 903-276-3843 now for a free estimate on pet treatments for your carpet.

Are you thinking about getting a new fur baby?

Sometimes new cats and dogs react territorially to another animal's scent in your home. This can even happen if the pets are kept separated, especially if your other pets used to inhabit the new pet's space. Call on us to remove odors and provide carpet staining prevention services to make settling in easier for the new pet, and protect against stains during potty training.