Wool, silk, viscose, and all other natural fiber area rugs require specialized cleaning.

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Unsightly spotting and staining that are frequently seen in rugs do not come out very easily. We are skilled in deep stain removal care for our customers to get rid of stains caused by the following causes:

Berries, blood, cherry, chocolate, coffee, colas, crayon, dried blood, excrement, glue, grape, grass, grease, gum, ice cream, ink, iodine, jelly, latex paint, lipstick, milk, mud, mustard, oil, olive oil, pet stains, pomegranate, purple juice, red juice, red wine, rust, soda, spills, strawberry, tea, tomato sauce, urine, vomit, wax and wine.

Fortunately, we have the solution you're looking for. We've built a custom facility specifically for your treasured rug where we can clean both natural and artificial fibers, no matter how big your rug is.


  • Pre-Inspection - Each rug receives a thorough inspection in your home and in our facility to determine the type of fiber, pre-existing conditions and cleaning method.
  • Dusting - Dusting is the most important step on the cleaning process. Over time an area rug collects dust and dirt that can lead to damaging the rug fibers. Vacuuming can remove the particulates close to the surface, however, it can't reach the soil deeply embedded in the foundation of your rug. A mechanical duster is used which vibrates the rug, gently dislodging the dust and dirt prior to washing.
  • Pre-treat - During this phase, your rug will receive color stabilizing and wool safe cleaning agents.
  • Hand/Machine wash - After pre-treating your rug is ready for a thorough immersion cleaning. Our aim is to get the best results! There are some exceptions, and therefore an inspection of the rug is necessary before an immersion cleaning. We do an immersion cleaning, when possible, for the same reason that people launder their clothes in a washing machine. Top cleaning by shampooing and water extraction does not sufficiently penetrate the rug pileā€•it does not reach the foundation of the rug to remove all the soil.
  • Machine drying - After a thorough cleaning, specialty equipment is used to remove the excess water from your rug, which drastically reduces dry time.
  • Final Drying - Rugs are moved to our humidity- and temperature-controlled drying room. This process prevents improper drying and leaves the rugs soft and fluffy.
  • Grooming - Cleaning specialists' hand-clean fringes and comb the face of your rug, resetting the pile.
  • Post-Inspection - Your rug is inspected inch-by-inch to ensure quality cleaning prior to package.
  • Don't be surprised if you fall in love with it all over again when we bring it home!

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