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Is the air inside your home or business clean and healthy? Data collected by the EPA has found that indoor air can often be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Having your air ducts cleaned by a professional is one way to improve indoor air quality and ease allergies for those who live or work in your property.

Air ducts are designed to circulate air throughout your home, but if they are dirty they can distribute dust, microbial growth, pet dander, smoke molecules, and more. When debris builds up in your ducts it can even restrict airflow, causing your HVAC system to work harder and less efficiently.

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Your property’s HVAC system is complex and is frequently in operation, yet you may only consider cleaning your air ducts when you notice poor indoor air quality. Your air ducts serve as the main conduit in which air flows throughout your property, so if they are dirty, so is your home or business. 

We use advanced, high-powered equipment to loosen and extract dust and other particulates that may be accumulating in your air ducts. We follow all industry guidelines to protect your HVAC equipment and capture as many particulates as possible. 

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We value honesty in every service that we offer, earning your trust with our professional efforts. Our team of experts is not only experienced but has the proper training to take care of your air ducts. If we notice additional issues or have concerns, we will take the time to explain the problem and offer solutions that help you care for and maintain your home. As a local company, we deliver additional care and attention that other big companies aren’t able to provide.

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When indoor air quality is important to you, you need to rely on professionals to properly clean your property’s air ducts. Improper cleaning by an unskilled or poorly equipped company can make matters worse, so make sure you trust the company you hire to do a great job.

At Perfection Restortion & Cleaning Services, we let our experience and results speak for themselves. Let us help you transform your dirty air ducts into clean and healthy air ducts today.