4 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Home

Water Damage—Texarkana, Texaswater damage texarkana

Water damage causes homeowners a lot of stress. From leaky pipes to flooded basements, water damage is unpleasant and unwanted. Unfortunately, it is also very common. Water damage can occur in many different ways, and sometimes, you may not even realize you have water damage right away. Here are some common signs you might have water damage where you can’t see it.

1. Peeling, Cracking, And Bubbling Paint

Sometimes, leaky roofs and burst pipes do not show where they are most apparent. They might occur inside your walls and ceilings. One big sign you might have water damage in these places is if you notice the paint warping. Sometimes, the moisture will cause the paint to soften and easily peel off the walls. You may also notice some tiny, spider web-like cracks in the paint. These are both signs  water damage is ruining your paint. Water might also create pockets inside the paint that look like bubbles. You never know exactly how much water is inside these pockets, so you must be careful if you try to release the pressure.

2. Warped Floorboards

Even if you have dried up the surface of your floors following water damage, there is a good chance water has gotten underneath your floorboards or tiles. If it is not removed, it will cause the adhesive keeping your floor together to deteriorate. If your floorboards are breaking away from the wall and curling in at the edges, this is a sign you likely have water damage. Your floorboards and individual tiles may also begin to separate from one another because of water damage.

3. A Musty Smell

Water damage is almost always accompanied by mold growth. It can take as little as twenty-four hours for mold to begin to form after water damage occurs. Even if mold develops in places you don’t see, you will likely start to smell a musty odor in the area. This is common in basements, bathrooms, and anywhere in your home which does not have a lot of ventilation. If you notice this unpleasant smell, you should be on the lookout for water damage and mold.

4. A Higher Water Bill

When you receive your monthly water bill from your city, do you notice it is suddenly higher than usual? This is a sign you might have water damage in your home. You might have water leaking from a pipe somewhere you haven’t noticed, driving up the cost of your water bill. You should inspect anywhere you have exposed pipes—such as cupboards, your attic, and crawl spaces—and see if you can find the culprit. Once the source of the leak is fixed, you will likely still have to take care of some water damage it caused.

Have you noticed any signs of hidden water damage in your Texarkana home? Call Perfection Steamers to help you repair any water damage. We will leave you with the peace of mind your home is safe and the water is gone.