3 Reasons Why Expert Water Damage Restoration Is Better Than DIY Restoration

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Water damage is a common disaster for homeowners. With sources like YouTube and Google, you may look at water damage in your home and think you can figure out how to clean it up and repair it yourself. However, water damage restoration is not a good DIY project. Here are three reasons why you should not try to fix water damage yourself and instead hire a restoration company to help you.

1. Water Damage Leads To Mold

Water and mold growth go hand in hand. Mold most commonly forms in areas of the house that experience a lot of moisture without proper ventilation, such as bathrooms, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and cupboards. These are also the areas of the house that most commonly experience water damage. It can take as little as twenty-four hours for mold to begin to grow after water damage occurs. Mold is very bad for your health, especially if you have any respiratory illnesses, asthma, allergies, or a compromised immune system. Mold spores are toxic, and they affect the air that you breathe, making you sick. Water damage needs to be taken care of immediately, being properly dried, cleaned, and repaired to ensure that mold does not form. If you do have mold, you are also advised not to try to clean it yourself because it requires more than your average household cleaner, and it can be dangerous to handle.

2. Cutting Corners Leads To More Expensive Damage

Besides mold, water damage can cause other problems for you. It can damage floorboards, walls, insulation, possessions, and even your foundation if it is not taken care of immediately or if you do not discover it right away. It ruins drywall if it gets inside your walls, and it can damage the electrical wiring in your home. If you try to fix the problem yourself, you cannot take shortcuts and cut corners to make it easier or less expensive for you to fix. However, if only some of the problems are taken care of during repairs, the damage that is left behind will continue to worsen over time. Eventually, these will require more extensive—and likely more expensive—renovations and repairs. It is better to hire a professional water damage restoration service to help you out instead of doing it yourself to save yourself stress and money.

3. The Right Equipment And Expertise Ensure The Best Repairs

You may not know just how far the water damage goes. Is it under your floorboards? Inside your walls? In your foundation? To ensure that all the water damage is repaired, and not just what you can see on the surface, you need professionals with the best equipment to help you out. They will make sure that everything affected gets completely dried and sanitized, so you do not have to worry about further damage.

If you have experienced water damage in your Wake Village home, do not try to take care of it yourself. Instead, call Perfection Restoration and Cleaning for all your water damage restoration needs.